Appreciate you.

Gausah pusing mikirin penghargaan dari orang lain, even from your closest one. They will never realize how hard you try until they wear your own shoes and wear your own glasses eye.

Be proud of yourself and let Allah judge you next. Sometimes you think you have done great, doing your job well, but someone you expected to be happy for what you’ve done, in fact, she didn’t apreciate you. Be calm. Dont be sad. Allah count it with excellent!

Just keep in your mind that every single thing will be counted! Nothing was created without function. Even a little sweat-streaming down your face-, it has a function. It can save you in the judgemental-day. It can say to Allah.. that you’ve done your best in life. And you’ll be safe as long as you do everything for the sake of allah. InsyaAllah.

dear hubby, hopefully my writing can occur your hurt. I am Sorry for not being a wise and good wife for you 😦 Sorry for not appreciating what you’ve done for me. You did everything well, my dear. It’s just me who cannot see clearly what you’ve actually done for making me, Gi, and Enca happy.

In my deepest lobe of heart.. i admire you since the first time we met. I love you yesterday, today, and forever. I proudly say, you are my man.. and always be…… my man.


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