Ran to the Dom.

Please kindly prepare your handkerchief before reading this. You know, it will be a bit “sad and makes you depressed” when you suddenly find some inappropriate grammars here (yes you can imagine how bad my grammar is,then). Use your handkerchief then when you really need it.

This is not my first article written in english. But still, i am not confident enough to publish it on blog because i didn’t improve my english skill for a long time–such as speaking, reading, and of course,writing. And it’s terribly bad. So, hopefully by writing on this blog, i mean by using english, i can improve my capacity bit by bit. And i wish someday i can be fluent and expert.

Well then.

Couple days ago, i found one adorable page on facebook named “whyIslam”made by muslim from north america. The page mostly talks about Islam as the only one right way to be chosen. It tries to clarify that islam is not terrorist and people (especially in america) should not hate islam. It wants to break the wall of misunderstanding that have been developed from couples decades. Lets say it’s good enough to be liked by us on facebook.

Major point that i want to share is, While the western trying to ‘know’ Islam deeper, here, in the biggest muslim country-Indonesia, people are trying to forget it. Syiah, JIL, are everywhere. They try to distract the purity of islam. They are too far away from the right path, from Quran and Sunnah. And unfortunately, much of muslims dont care.

Babies of muslims were born. Population of muslim is increased everyday. But less of them who follow islam correctly. Astaghfirullah.

Yaa muqallibal quluuub, tsabbit qalbii alaa diiinika wa alaa thaatika.