[a talk] Time isn’t to Blame

Have just read an article on someone’s blog. It said: Waktu itu bukan uang kaliii. Kalo uang mah pas habis masi bisa dicari lagi. Nah, kalo waktu abis mau nyari kemana?

About time. Well. Indeed, we can’t stop time. Whatever happened, time will always be running. Time goes so fast, as fast as an apple falling from a tree, even faster.

But sadly, I’m still sitting here without being able to run faster.

Then who is to blame, when I was the one who most wanted to run? Huffhh. I was probably to blame in this case.  Yeah. Literally to blame. Why couldn’t i run faster?

Today I received a short message. A friend of mine said, “How’s life? seems you don’t keep your promises.”

“What promises?” I replied.

“About the orphans. Do you forget?”

“Ouwh MG. I almost forget.”

Akhhhh. Time is running and everything has been left. Yeah, everything is moving forward. How are the kids doing? Are they fine? How about their school? Their praying? seems I really forget about them.

Time is still running and cannot be stopped while i am sitting here, doing nothing.


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