[a must] Dream is Today’s Answers to Tomorrow’s Questions

Hello world, i just wanna share my ‘random’ opinion about dreams. Yeah, i said it ‘random’ because i didn’t use any literature in describing this opinion. I just combined the heart and mind, and jreng… jreng… ! this ‘random’ words just were resulted (and it was quite random, hahaha).

Well, i  found something interesting about dreams. Just check this out!

One year ago, in the beginning of 2010, i wrote one of my thousands dreams on a piece of paper. I hanged it on my room wall, and anytime i looked at that paper, i felt something was burning my cells. I was amazingly hypnotized and I knew it called, passion! I turned into some kind of “passionate dreamer” and my tongue just couldn’t stop saying, ” i can make it!”.

See the picture below:

This is the picture i captured several days ago. That paper has been hanged on my wall for almost 1 year. And you know what? I magically walked closer and closer to reach what I’ve written.

“To live is to give”. Yup, that’s my 2010’s tagline and surprisingly i made it true. 2010 became my fullest of  help-and-being-helped-year. I was involved in several kinds of social activities and  I just felt so blessed and satisfied.

I tell people I’m too stupid to know what’s impossible.

I have ridiculously large dreams, and half the time they come true.
(Debi Thomas)

Actually, I know a bit about dreams. And if you ask what i know about it, of course, I will have no such a good theory to say. I just know that dreams will get us nowhere if we don’t have the courage to pursue them. I just know that all our dreams are possible to be true if we believe that it will come true. And something i know the most about dreams: It’s our today’s answers to tomorrow’s questions. When tomorrow people ask you something, we’ve had the answers today.

So, let’s keep on dreaming, guys! Coz when we are dreaming, there’s a power from somewhere we don’t know that will guide us to get what we’re dreaming. Our mind will guide us. Our body’s molecules will control and straight our direction. And the most important, He and all His creations will support us in reaching our dream.

That’s all what i know about dreams. And from now on, a paper written ” While stepping forward, I’ll keep on dreaming until those dreams come true” will be being hanged on my bedroom wall for this one year. Bismillah 🙂


2 thoughts on “[a must] Dream is Today’s Answers to Tomorrow’s Questions

  1. wonderfull words uci,, 🙂
    suka deh ..
    mia juga inget ko awal tahun 2010 Uci punta resolusi ini
    to live is to give
    mulia bgt

    taun ini apa resolusinya?

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